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Listen to the recorded broadcast regarding the YCS NC Pre-K Kickoff by clicking link below.

WKYK Community Closeup  select YC Schools - Pre K Special Event


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Yancey County Schools, who is the NC Pre-Kindergarten Program Contract Administrator for Yancey County, is hosting a Pre-K Kickoff Celebration for Yancey County families on Tuesday, February 16th at the Burnsville Town Center.  Festivities begin at 9 am and end at 3 pm. 

This event is the first opportunity for families with eligible three and four year-old children to register to attend one of the county’s four licensed NC Pre-K sites for the 2016-17 school year. 

If you have a child that will turn four before August 31, 2016 and meets NC Pre-K Program eligibility standards, your child may further qualify for free NC Pre-K slots at one of the four centers.  Yancey County Schools will have staff on hand to assist families in completing applications and to answer questions about the Pre K centers. 

Other agencies will also be available to assist families with funding opportunities to assist them in covering the cost of Pre-K services, including the Department of Social Services who will have information on NC Child Care Vouchers.  The Blue Ridge Partnership for Children will have information regarding other child care services available. 

You are encouraged to bring your child to the Kickoff Celebration.  There will be several fun activities and learning centers and each child will receive a “Welcome to Pre-K” learning bag filled with items that will help prepare them for this exciting new Pre-K learning adventure!  You can complete registration forms on site or pick them up and return them at a later date.  For more information about the Pre-K sites in Yancey County or the NC Pre- K Program, you can visit or call Yancey County Schools at 828-682-6101.


Retirement Celebration

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PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that the Yancey County Board of Education shall, pursuant to NC General Statute 143-33(c), hold a special meeting at the following designated place and time:

Date of Meeting:

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time of Meeting:

6:00 p.m.

Place of Meeting:

Superintendent’s Office

YCS Central Office Building


Purpose of Meeting:

To discuss a personnel matter.


Xan Robinson

Board Recorder

Posted 01-04-16  6:21 p.m.

Tamara Presnell - EYMS Principal

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New Principal for East Yancey Middle School


The placement of Angie Anglin as the new Yancey County Schools Exceptional Children / Accountability Director resulted in a vacancy of the principal position at East Yancey Middle School.

 Hoping to provide a smooth transition while the students are out for the holidays, Dr. Tony Tipton and the School Board moved quickly in posting the vacancy and filling this position.  At a special personnel meeting on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, the YCBOE approved East Yancey Assistant Principal Tamara Presnell as the new Principal for East Yancey Middle School.

 According to Superintendent Dr. Tipton, “Anytime you have to replace an administrator mid-year it’s challenging, however, knowing we had several qualified staff within our system we felt confident in filling this position prior to the holiday break.”  Tipton added, “We are very excited to have Ms. Presnell in this new role and look forward to working with her at East Yancey.”

 With the advancement of Ms. Presnell from the AP position to the principal, it has created a vacancy at East Yancey that is now posted and will be filled in early January. 

 Presnell brings 17.5 years of experience with Yancey County Schools to her new position.  Presnell began her career as a teacher assistant at Bald Creek Elementary in 1998, moving into a teaching position after only one year.  After eleven years at Bald Creek, Presnell transferred to East Yancey Middle as a English/Language Arts teacher in 2010.  After two years in the classroom at East Yancey, Presnell moved into the role of Assistant Principal for 3 ½ years. 

 Of her new role Presnell stated, “East Yancey is a school with a strong reputation for building a climate of high expectations for student success.  I hold with high regard the belief that all students deserve both an effective teacher and an effective leader.  Both of these are cultivated in a climate of support and security, which is evident at East Yancey.”  Presnell added, “I look forward to the continued growth and success of the East Yancey family.”




New School Bus Safety Procedure January 1st

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During the summer legislative session, the North Carolina General Assembly passed a new law regarding student school bus safety.  Beginning January 1, 2016, all school bus drivers will begin using hand signals to students as they get on or off the school bus.  The school bus driver must hold out his/her hand as a signal to stop and wait at every stop.  When traffic is clear, the school bus driver will give a thumbs-up to the student indicating the road is safe to cross.  This procedure is to be used at all times.


In preparation for the implementation of this law, Yancey County Schools began using these signals at the beginning of this school year.  This has allowed both drivers and students additional time to become accustomed to this process.


YCS Transportation Director Derek Murphy stated, “Our drivers and students have adjusted very well to this new procedure,” adding, “We are always looking for ways to keep our students safer during transportation.”



YCBOE Meeting Notice

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  The Yancey County Board of Education will meet on Tuesday, December 15, 2015, at 6:00 p.m. in the Superintendent’s Office of the Yancey County Schools      Central Office to discuss personnel matters.

Xan Robinson, Board Recorder

Posted 12/11/15   5:30 p.m.

Angie Anglin new Accountability/EC Director

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At its regular monthly meeting on December 7th, the Yancey County Board of Education named East Yancey Middle School Principal Angie Anglin as the new Exceptional Children / Accountability Director for Yancey County Schools.

    Anglin will begin her new duties on February 1st, bringing 26 years of experience within Yancey County Schools to her new role.  Anglin’s career began at East Yancey Middle School as a language arts teacher serving fourteen years in the classroom before moving into the role of Assistant Principal.  Anglin then moved to Clearmont Elementary as principal for six years before returning to East Yancey in her current position of principal.

     “I feel strongly that this position has a tremendous responsibility in making sure that our students with disabilities are afforded the opportunity to reach their potential as individuals,” Anglin stated on her new role.

     Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton who recommended Anglin for the position added, “Ms. Anglin has been very successful throughout her years with YCS, serving on many advisory boards for the system as well as her community involvement.  The Board and I feel confident that this move into Exceptional Children and Accountability Director is a natural step in Ms. Anglin’s career and that she will be very successful in serving the students and parents in these programs.”

     Anglin is replacing EC / Accountability Director Pete Peterson who is retiring on January 29th, after a career of over 30 years in public education in North Carolina and Georgia.  A drop-in reception is planned for Mr. Peterson in January for parents and colleagues to stop in and wish Mr. Peterson a happy retirement!









Fuel Leak at Clearmont Elementary

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On Tuesday, November 22nd, a fuel leak was discovered on the campus of Clearmont Elementary School.

Yancey County Schools maintenance found that a heating fuel line had ruptured and was seeping into the ground.  The line was immediately shut off and       administration was notified.

YCS administration immediately contacted local officials of the Health Department, Emergency Management, Building Inspector/Fire Marshal, and                   Environmental Protection Agency. Several authorities from these offices responded to the site to assist in the proper protocol for this type of situation.

Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton contacted S.T.A.T. Inc. from Lenoir, NC, who specializes in industrial environment services.  Those services include site       investigation, risk management, spill containment & control.   Representatives from S.T.A.T. were on the Clearmont Elementary School site within two hours of Dr. Tipton’s call and took additional steps to ensure containment of the site.

Because of the projected weather this week and no additional environmental risk, S.T.A.T. is scheduled to return to the school site on Monday, November    23rd to begin the process of removing soil that may contain fuel deposits.   Additionally, a geologist has been retained to assist in this process in determining    the amount of soil that must be removed.

Dr. Tipton has been assured by all agencies involved that YCS has completed all necessary steps to ensure the safety of the students and community as well as minimize the environmental impact of this event.

“This is just another in a series of system failures that will be costly but necessary to maintain our aging school buildings,” stated Dr. Tipton.

While work is ongoing, a temporary fuel tank has been installed to provide heat to the school. 

Dr. Tipton added, “At no time have students been at risk from this spill”.

YCS Top 10 in the State for Graduation Rate

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On October 6th, State Superintendent June Atkinson presented Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the high school graduation rate at a banquet in Raleigh.  The 2015 graduation rate of 92.4% is a slight increase over last year’s rate of 92.1% which shows the continued trend in growth over the past eight years as shown:

4 Year Graduation Cohort Rates
















    “I am so proud of the teachers, school counselors, coaches, principals and district leaders, and others who have worked tirelessly to make sure more students are graduating from North Carolina’s public schools than ever before,” said State Superintendent June Atkinson.

    Representatives from Mountain Heritage High School who attended the banquet and accepted the award on behalf of Yancey County Schools are shown below with State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson:

    Principal Kevin Huskins, Counselor Donna Banks, Dr. June Atkinson, Counselor Suzanne Gavneus, Assistant Principal Erik Buchanan

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