Storm Damage to Schools and Campuses Across the County

posted Sep 10, 2018, 12:39 PM by Xan Robinson

Storms across the region the past couple of weeks have caused numerous issues to Yancey County Schools.

A lightning strike to the scoreboard on the football field resulted in multiple issues at Cane River Middle School.  Superintendent Tony Tipton reports, “Not only did we have several computer desktops that were damaged at Cane River, but the fire alarm system had to be serviced by the installing company and two of the employee badge scanners that allow staff to enter the building were damaged and are having to be replaced.  And of course, the scoreboard on the football field – that could end up being a major expense to repair or replace.”

The football field area at East Yancey Middle School also experienced damage.  Pine trees lining the property behind the visitor bleachers lost several large branches that fell across and damaged the field fencing.  YCS maintenance crew removed the fallen limbs and sections of fence will need to be replaced.  Additionally, the primary telephone line was down at East Yancey for over a day after an afternoon storm.

While all schools in the county conduct monthly fire drills, Micaville Elementary Schools has experienced problems with their fire alarm system resulting in an unplanned evacuation of the staff and students. While an unplanned fire drill is not a bad thing, multiple false alarms overnight and into the school day can unnecessarily impact several emergency and fire department personnel, many of which are volunteers. 

Burnsville Elementary School staff and students experienced a complete “disconnect” from the internet after a storm that took the school’s computer network server down.  YCS Technology Department, working with an offsite network engineer, had to rebuild the server to restore computer access for the school.

South Toe Elementary School has had storm runoff, causing damage to the parking lot and washing the foundation at the playground fence, causing damage to the fence.

With the predicted forecast of Hurricane Florence later this week, YCS staff are taking precautionary measures to try and prevent additional damage to schools and school sites.