Welcome to Yancey County Schools Technology/Media Department. We work to achieve a realistic balance between the concerns of the technology department and the goals of the instructional program. 

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Digital Teaching and Learning

  We are reminded of the growth process. We are all at different stages in the process; some are budding, some are full bloom and still others are planting seeds and enjoying the outcomes of the various stages of teaching and learning. 

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Our Vision

End users will utilize tools, applications and resources to effectively assess, communicate, collaborate, create and provide effective feedback promoting learning and individual growth.  Project/product and problem based activities promote critical thinking and encourage global learning opportunities preparing students for success in college and career options.  

Our Goal

We strive to energize and encourage as we create an excitement for learning, examine and evaluate to elevate opportunities, engage and extend to empower  users to view problems as opportunities.

        Director - Karen Banks
  828-682-6101  ext. 124

         Technician - Eddie Laws
 Technician - David Woody