New Audio/Visual Security Systems in Schools

Post date: Aug 6, 2013 4:13:05 PM

We have been busy over the summer with several projects in and around the school buildings in Yancey County and one of the most exciting is the installation of new building access systems at each elementary school, both middle schools and the YCLA facility.

Once all students arrive for school each day, individual principals will determine a “close door” time in which all exterior doors will be closed and locked. Your principal will let you know the “close door” time at YOUR school.

Anyone wanting to enter the building after this time will need to go to the front main entrance to the AiPhone system. This is a discreet silver and black unit that has kind of a “bubble” with a camera and a red call button. Visitors will need to press the call button to speak to someone in the office who then have the capability of buzzing that visitor into the office.

We appreciate your patience as we adjust to our new security measures in our effort to continue to provide the safest environment for our students. If you have questions about the new system, please don’t hesitate to check with your principal or school secretary.