New School Year Brings New Preschools to Yancey County Schools!

Post date: Aug 24, 2016 5:53:34 PM

On Friday, August 19th, Yancey County School Board and Administrators met with preschool school administrators, staff, and representatives of Woodmen Life Insurance Society to tour the two new preschool locations and celebrate this momentous occasion for Yancey County Schools.

Bald Creek Elementary “Lil Eagles” Preschool is housed in the former Bald Creek Region D Building on Pleasant Valley Hill Road, near Bald Creek Elementary School. Extensive improvements and remodeling have been completed over the past year in preparation for the opening of the new preschool. Teacher LynnAnn Hilemon and Teacher Assistant Tyler McIntosh welcome all new “Lil Eagles” who began staggered enrollment on August 24th. Principal Sherry Robinson stated, “We are excited about this opportunity in our community through Yancey County Schools. This Pre-K program will help prepare students for entry into the regular school setting during their kindergarten year.”

Burnsville Elementary “Lil Bobcats” Preschool is housed inside the Burnsville Elementary School building. Renovations have been completed to accommodate 3 and 4 year old students including a separate entrance, a fenced-in, age-appropriate playground, as well as appropriate size sinks and toilets. “Interest has been incredible in this program,” stated Burnsville Principal Barbara Tipton. “We are to capacity and look forward to other schools expanding and adding their preschool programs in the future.” Preschool Teacher Kim Hodgin and Teacher Assistant Gayla Hughes welcome all new “Lil Bobcats” to the new program at Burnsville Elementary this year!

Attending the ceremonies were school board members Mike Orr, Norb McKinney, Angie Weatherman and Bill Whiteside as well as Superintendent Tony Tipton, Pre-School Co-Directors Cynthia Deyton and Shane Cassida, PreSchool Data Specialist Becky Tschudy, and staff from each school.

Also attending were Jason Ratliff and Chris Duncan from Woodmen Life Insurance Society who presented each preschool with a new American Flag to be flown on site.

“While there are quality preschools in Yancey County, we are excited to add these two new locations to reach more preschoolers,” stated Superintendent Tony Tipton. “While there has been a strong interest from the community, we do still have a few spots available. Anyone interested in enrolling a three or four-year old in the YCS preschool program should contact Becky Tschudy at 682-6101, ext. 319.”

School Board Chair Mike Orr stated, “These preschools have been a long-time coming and by adding them to the existing “Lil Cougar” Program at Mountain Heritage, Yancey County Schools can now accommodate up to 36 three and four-year old children. We are very excited about this new program.”