Oct 5th School Board Meeting Update

Post date: Oct 6, 2015 5:48:54 PM

At its regular monthly meeting on October 5th, the Yancey County Board of Education recognized October as National Principals Appreciation Month.

In unfinished business, the Board authorized Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton to obtain quotes and have a new roof installed on the Bald Creek Elementary Pre-School Building. “The rain last week has shown us that a roof is the top priority in getting this building ready for preschoolers. Yancey County Schools is excited about offering a new preschool opportunity for 4 year olds and we’re working very hard to get it up and running as soon as possible,” stated Superintendent Tony Tipton.

After months of debate, the state budget was finally released on September 25th. The school board approved a Uniform Budget Resolution for the 2015-16 school year presented by School Finance Officer Robbie Renfro who stated, “We are glad to finally get numbers from the state and get our budget in place for this school year. And as always, we appreciate the support we get from our county commissioners with local funds as well.”

In new business and after lengthy discussion in closed session, the board returned to open session and voted, upon the recommendation of Norb McKinney and second by Bill Whiteside, to extend the contract of Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton for an additional two years. The vote was a 3-2 decision with Mike Orr, Norb McKinney, Bill Whiteside voting for the extension and Jeanne Tyner and Angie Weatherman opposing.

Under his current contract, Dr. Tipton is in his fifth year as Superintendent of Yancey County Schools. This move extends his contract through June of 2019.

In response to this extension, Dr. Tipton stated, “We have accomplished many things in the past five years and with this contract extension, I hope we can continue to move forward in our system. I pledge that the Yancey County Schools will always remember that students come first.”