Read to Achieve

Post date: Jan 7, 2014 12:43:57 PM

Under the mandate of the NC General Assembly’s Read To Achieve legislation and the guidance of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, Yancey County Schools will implement a reading portfolio system for third-grade students. This is an opportunity for students to show proficiency in reading over the course of the entire second semester, rather than just a performance on a one-day reading End-of-Grade test (EOG) in the spring. This portfolio process is equitable and uniform for all third-grade students across the state. All third-grade students in North Carolina are still required to take the EOGs, however; a completed portfolio can be considered a good cause exemption from retention for those students not showing proficiency on the Reading EOG. Teachers will begin implementing the portfolio process in late January/early February.

The portfolio has three components:

Component 1 contains assessment data from the mCLASS Reading 3D assessment system that teachers have been using since the beginning of the school year.

Component 2 contains a Personal Education Plan (PEP). This is an individualized plan for students at risk of academic failure. The PEP contains strategies and interventions teachers are using to help students in the area of reading.

Component 3 contains reading passages based on standards from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study that students have been learning this year.

A student in the portfolio process will work on the reading passages throughout the second semester. His/her teacher will determine which passages to administer based on classroom instruction. In order to have a completed portfolio, Components 1 and 2 must be completed by the teacher and your child must show proficiency on 36 reading passages for Component 3. The number of proficient passages was determined by following the exact guidelines of a portfolio as defined by the Read to Achieve law. The reading passages must be completed independently, are untimed, and may not be completed for homework. The passages should be administered as class assignments and as follow-ups to direct instruction on the reading standards. These reading passages are a way for students to show proficiency and be promoted at the end of third grade with a Good Cause exemption.

YCS is following the basic timeline set below:

- January 9-29 2014 – mCLASS Reading 3D Middle of Year Reading Benchmark Assessments given (administered on a 1:1 basis by all K-3 teachers)

- mid-January 2014 – All YCS teachers receive portfolio packets and final training tips for implementation

- 1st Week of February – all parents of K-3 students will receive a “mid-year” Reading Progress Report

- 1st Week of February – all YCS elementary schools will hold “Read To Achieve Information Night” meetings to provide further guidance and answer any questions or concerns. These meetings will specifically target parents of third-grade students

- 2nd Week of February – select 3rd Grade students will begin Portfolio process

- March – May – parents will receive a minimum of bi-weekly updates on the progress of their child’s reading success

For specific questions regarding the Read to Achieve Program, please contact your child’s school.