Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the High School Graduation Rate

Post date: Oct 10, 2014 5:51:42 PM

On October 3rd State Superintendent Dr. June Atkinson presented Yancey County Schools with a Top Ten in the State Award for the high school graduation rate at a banquet in Raleigh. It marks the first time in Yancey County Schools’ history that the graduation rate has been recognized for such an accomplishment. The 2014 graduation rate at Mountain Heritage High School was at 92.1% which has steadily increased over the past few years.

4 Year Graduation Cohort Rates Percentages

2007-2008 75.1%

2008-2009 80.6%

2009-2010 77.2%

2010-2011 78.2%

2011-2012 82.3%

2012-2013 82.7%

2013-2014 92.1 %

Yancey County Schools Superintendent Dr. Tony Tipton stated, “Our schools from kindergarten through twelfth grade are identifying at-risk students and supporting them in as many ways as possible to enable them to graduate from high school. This award represents the systems dedication to students and highlights the efforts all Yancey County Schools employees make daily.” Mountain Heritage High School Principal Kevin Huskins and Assistant Principal Erik Buchanan were in attendance at the event.