The board recognizes the valuable contributions that school volunteers make to the learning process and the educational goals of the school system. Instructional programs are enhanced through the contributions of students’ parents, community members, and local business and industry. These volunteers contribute time, resources, and expertise that assist the school system to reach the goal of providing a sound basic education to all children.

The superintendent shall provide for parents to be notified of their right to take four hours of unpaid leave from their jobs every year in order to volunteer in their child’s school as stated in G.S. 95-28.3.

The Yancey County Board of Education welcomes persons who wish to volunteer their time in schools. Screening, school-based training and supervision of volunteers are the responsibilities of the school principal. The principal is responsible for ensuring that all volunteers who may have unsupervised contact with students or who volunteer routinely on school property have a completed volunteer application and approved criminal check prior to beginning volunteer duties. All volunteers may be subject to criminal background checks based on the level on which they are volunteering.


Sample Authorization & Release Form

Volunteer Handbook YCS