Margot Atuk Yancey County Schools Teacher of the Year

Post date: Oct 15, 2013 6:29:42 PM

At its regular monthly meeting on October 14th, The Yancey County Board of Education recognized Margot Atuk, 5th grade teacher at South Toe Elementary as Yancey County Schools Teacher of the Year 2013.

South Toe Principal Miranda Elkins introduced Ms. Atuk stating, “I did not know Ms. Atuk before I came to South Toe as principal but I figured out very quickly her goal in life is to truly make a difference in the lives of everyone she touches – not just the children – but everyone she touches.”

Of this recognition, Ms. Atuk stated, “There is no way that I could be standing here accepting this award without the support of the entire South Toe School Community, the students, the staff, my administrators and my school board. I am very honored and privileged to represent Yancey County Schools.” Atuk continued, “South Toe is a terrific community and Yancey County is an amazing place to work.”

Ms. Atuk will advance to the regional level of competition next week.

Also recognized were Yancey County Schools Principals for National Principals’ Month. Dr. Tipton presented each principal in attendance with a certificate stating, “We acknowledge that the job our principals do day in and day out every day just gets harder and harder. Our administrators have been very patient with all the duties that have been added to them and they continue to hang in there!”

School Board Chair Mike Orr added, “If it were not for our outstanding teachers and the leadership in our schools, Yancey County Schools would not see the successes that we do in student achievement every day.”

In the New Business portion of the meeting, Dr. Tipton informed the Board that Yancey County Schools is coordinating with the Sheriff’s Office to conduct a rapid response training to be held on October 25th at Cane River Middle School. Dr. Tipton reported that this training will involve staff from all schools across the county as well as several local law enforcement agencies, emergency responders, and fire departments. The training, which is being held on a no school day, will simulate a shooter on the Cane River Middle School site and will provide immeasurable training for law enforcement and school staff personnel. “It is important for the public to remember that this is being conducted on a day when no students will be at school.” Tipton continued, “This is a wonderful training opportunity for this county and we are asking the public to please respect the seriousness and value of this training.”