Education is the primary purpose of the public school. In order for teachers to teach and students to learn, an atmosphere conducive to learning must be consistently maintained. Accordingly, the teacher is the recognized authority in the classroom.

Discipline is defined as well-ordered, directed behavior. Responsibilities in the positive development and maintenance of disciplined behavior are shared by the parents, guardians, students, teachers, principals, administrative and support personnel, Superintendent, and Board of Education.

Every student has a right to a safe environment that encourages learning and is free of disruption. The school board has a duty to the community to operate orderly and effective schools. The authority to control and discipline students is required to carry out that duty.

The handbook presents guidelines of behavior and school citizenship for students that are based on policy of the Yancey County Board of Education.

The rules of conduct and sanctions for violations detailed in this document are part of a heightened effort to monitor student behavior. The explanations of violations and the definition of terms have been expanded to assist students in understanding the expected behaviors.

A set of rules does not replace the administrator’s judgment in the review of discipline incidents. (Violations of the laws of North Carolina will be handled pursuant to normal arrest procedures and are not within the administrator’s jurisdiction.) In order for schools to be safe and orderly places for learning, rules must be obeyed. These rules are written to give direction. However, in daily activity, one basic rule is that good judgment must be exercised in light of conditions of the moment.

This booklet makes no effort to recognize every breach of good behavior. Misbehavior (any behavior deemed inappropriate by school officials) will be dealt with by the principal in a way he/she feels is appropriate.

This code of conduct is intended to be in compliance with the mandates regarding discipline as set forth in NCGS 115C-391. To the extent that there exists any inconsistency between the provisions of the code of conduct and NCGS 115C-391, the mandates of said statute shall control the discipline of students.

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